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psychological injury

Investigating psychological injury

A public prosecutor in Victoria was awarded $435,000 after developing PTSD through secondary exposure to traumatic material.

How to corroborate witness evidence with Google Maps

Use technology to corroborate witness evidence by scrolling through Google Maps. The app collects vast amounts of data on the places you go, with journeyRead More »
cost estimate

How to prepare a cost estimate for an investigation

By focusing on four simple steps you will be able to provide more accurate cost estimates and manage your client's expectations of costs.
investigations plan

How to write an investigation plan

How to write an investigation plan The purpose of investigation planning is to focus the mind on the actions required to achieve the goals forRead More »

Surveillance, and how to blend in

See but don't be seen. Hear but don't be heard.
investigation report

How to write an effective investigation report

Investigative report writing is a critical skill for investigators. Storytelling and simplicity can be key to getting it right.
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