Insurance for investigators

insurance for investigators

Best value professional indemnity and public liability insurance for investigators

MyKludo has partnered with insurance specialists Brokers Online to provide professional indemnity and public liability policies designed to meet the specific needs of investigators.  Cover starts from only $600 annually.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Investigators

The Professional Indemnity insurance policy provides cover for your civil liability for compensation to any third party; as well as legal costs and other expenses in the investigation, defence, or settlement of a claim.

This policy includes the following:

  • Claims alleging defamation
  • Breaches of competition and consumer legislation
  • Unintentional infringement of copyright, trademark, registered design or patent or plagiarism or breach of confidentiality
  • Loss of documents
  • Fraud and dishonesty
  • Enquiry costs in responding to an inquiring body or your attendance at an investigation, inquiry or hearing before the inquiring body
  • Court attendance costs to attend a civil proceeding as a witness in connection with a claim covered by the policy
  • Costs to mitigate a loss or potential loss
  • Privacy breach costs for notifying individuals of such breach
  • Public relations expenses for the sole purpose of protecting your reputation as a result of a claim covered by the police
  • Claims made against you arising from the acts, errors or omission of your sub-contractors, agents or sub-consultants
  • Cyber liability to third parties as a result of any data breach or client network infection
  • Your statutory liability for a strict liability offence in connection with a breach of environmental laws, discharge or release of pollutants, or a breach of OHS laws or regulations.

The policy also contains exclusions which are fully detailed the policy wording.

Public Liability Insurance for Investigators

The Public Liability insurance policy provides cover for all amounts you become legally liable for to pay as compensation for personal injury, property damage, or advertising liability; as well as legal costs and expenses in the settlement or defence of any claim. This policy also includes the following:

  • Legal representation at any inquiry in connection with any liability covered by the policy
  • Expenses for temporary protection of damaged property
  • Overseas personal liability
  • Claims preparation costs for the preparation of a claim

Investigative services covered

Investigators, private investigators and inquiry agents undertaking private, corporate, insurance and legal, investigations in respect of contractual disputes, insurance claims, litigated matters in respect to personal injuries, physical damage or financial losses, including civil & criminal investigations, factual investigations, forensic investigations.

Surveillance, field calls, skip tracing, locating, receivable management, litigation support services, conduct interviews, gathering evidence including records of interviews, statements, photographs, documents and other physical evidence.


Human Resources including but not limited to, Industrial Relations, Employee Relations advice and consulting services, Mediation and Arbitration, general Human Resources advice, Cultural Reviews, Mentoring, and business coaching.

Training, Developing and Assessment, including but not limited to, classroom and online professional quality training, coaching, instructing, developing, assessing and delivery of all national and state-recognized certificate and diploma qualifications to experienced and non-experienced professionals and students covering all aspects of private and corporate, civil & criminal investigations, debt collection, credit management, commercial agent and claims management, including investigation, government investigation, fraud control, court complaint and compliance, security and risk management, OH&S, workplace accident and incident investigation, prior recognized learning & accreditation, civil litigation support, insurance and corporate fraud, consultancy, surveillance, due diligence and finance sector support.

Security & Risk Management, Audit & Assessment, including but not limited to, identification and assessment of assets, permits, risk & threat assessment, prepare and implement security risk management plans, assess and implement security risk management options, coordinate security operations, establish and maintain occupational health & safety system, inspection and enforcement of permits and regulations, facilitate and capitalise on change and innovation, evaluate risks, dangers and hazards to people, property and product, develop countermeasure risk management strategies, undertake audits and assessments, including stock and lot audits.

Debt collection, commercial agents, mercantile agents, collection agents, debt collectors, locate and demand payment of overdue debts in writing or verbally either by telephone or personal attendance upon the debtor. Enter into dialogue with individual and corporate debtors to achieve resolution of the delinquent account either by full or part recovery or by establishing the debtor does not have either the means to pay the account or the obligation to pay the account. Prepare summonses or statements of claim for filing at court and service by a process server. Administer and maintain client ledgers for credit management and debt collection undertake credit checks, arrange and provide debtor finance and factoring and collect payments and arrears in full or by installments.

Process Serving & Private Bailiff, attend various addresses including residences, businesses and workplaces to deliver court documents including subpoenas, divorce papers, writs, statements of claim and other notices and documents, complete affidavit.

Repossession, including but not limited to, attend at various places including residences, businesses and workplaces for the purpose of making demands for settlement of outstanding arrears on a debt or else the surrender of security goods collect cash, bank cheque or remittance to clear the outstanding arrears. arrange for repossessed goods to be towed or carted to an auction room or holding storage secure and protect property and premises after occupants have been ejected by a bailiff or sheriffs officer and arrange a locksmith to re-secure the premises to prevent re-entry by the debtor/occupier.

Mediation, coaching, HR advice, general business advice, IR/ER advice, coaching, cultural reviews.

Important information/disclaimers

This product is provided by Brokers Online, insurance industry experts. MyKludo does not provide financial services or advice. MyKludo receives a small commission from Brokers Online on the sale of this product.

The information provided here is general advice only and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation, or needs.

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