Surveillance, and how to blend in

Surveillance, and how to blend in

See but don’t be seen. Hear but don’t be heard.

The trick to great surveillance is to see but not be seen. To hear but not be heard.

In this 10 minute You tube video, a former CIA agent describes effective tactics used by the CIA. She talks about how to change hair, eyes, clothing and teeth to create a memory that is everything the surveillance operative is not. Change dark hair to light, a clean shaven face to facial hair and how adding teeth plates can change the look of the lower face.

Add a stone to a shoe to change the walk, or a bandage on the knee and of course – Add a hat!

Disguises, accents and walks, to blending in and the art of the quick change are demonstrated.

Watch a member of the crown literally disappear before your eyes and see how it is done. There are useful tips in this video for anyone who wants to go undetected.

With some small and economical accessories anyone can change their appearance to remain undetected whilst watching.

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