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Fantastic content. Totally relevant with practical application to interviewing. The most relevant conference I have ever attended in my entire 20yrs working career! Well done.
Principal investigator
Thank you, wow, my brain hurts. This is certainly providing a lot of understanding, "the why" to behaviours and reactions. Some very good best practice outlined eg. giving time to process into memory.
Consultant Investigator
Very interesting session. Very relevant to the investigations and interviews we conduct. Interested in practical tips with interviewing anxious/stressed interviewees.
Independent investigator
Excellent presentation and so relevant and right. This shows the need for continual training to not only improve but maintain skills.
Senior Government Investigator

Popular courses for investigation professionals

 MyKludo’s professional development courses are designed to help you stay up-to-speed with current investigation best-practices.

Our range of courses are relevant to private investigators, as well as those working in human resources, fraud, governance, compliance, legal, safeguarding, cyber security and risk management. They are relevant across the investigator career lifespan from those just starting out to experienced investigations professionals.

MyKludo’s premium training will help you develop specialist as well as generalist skill sets. Our course content includes a broad range of actual case studies, practical examples and real-life tips from experts in the field. 

On-demand webinars let you complete your professional development at a time and place that suits you.

On Demand 45 min Webinar
current cyber risks, qr codes

Current Cyber Risks

This webinar examines QR codes and the risks involved including some of the ways criminals have been using QR codes over the years and what can be done to reduce the risk.

On Demand 45 min Webinar
abuse in aged care, elder abuse

Dealing with serious incidents, complaints and investigations in the aged care sector

From 1 April 2021, residential aged care providers have a new statutory reporting regime for “serious incidents”, which goes far beyond the current requirements in relation to “reportable assaults”. The new Scheme is implemented nationally to manage, prevent and taking appropriate actions, if and when an incident may occur.

On Demand 45 min Webinar
communication intermediary

Communication Intermediaries

Many witnesses, suspects and defendants may have identified and/or unidentified communication needs that can impact their ability to interact successfully in legal proceedings and give their best evidence.

On Demand 45 min Webinar
forensic pathology

Forensic Pathology and Coroners’ Death Investigations

There is considerable community misunderstanding regarding coroners' death investigations as a result of popular culture. This webinar uncovers the difference between fact and fiction, including the way medico-legal death investigators interact with families during the investigation as well as the nature of a coroner's inquest hearing.

On Demand 45 min Webinar
local government

Local Government Governance

Local Government is a sector that operates in a large number of unique operational areas that present significant challenges to having an effective corruption control environment. This webinar examines the corruption risks in local government, with a focus on development activities, procurement and elected officials.

On demand 45 min webinar
coercive interviews

Investigative Interviewing for Coercive Examinations

This webinar discusses the nature and legalities of coercive interviews. It examines how the PEACE model of interviewing has been adapted and how to address reluctant witnesses who use lies and 'I don't recall' to divert investigations.

On demand 45 min webinar
Assessing credibility

Assessing credibility in workplace investigations

It is rare, in a harassment/bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination case that your respondent is going to “fess” up. Alternatively bad-faith allegations do happen. What does an investigator do when there are no witnesses or other corroborating evidence? Can you come to a finding? The answer is yes.

On demand 1 hr webinar
rapport based interviewing

The Mendez Principles and Rapport Based Interviews

Following on from a call in 2016 by UN Special Rapporteur Juan E. Mendez for a ‘universal protocol’ on standards for non-coercive interviewing methods, new Principles for Effective Interviewing were developed and published. Ray Bull was a member of the committee which drew up the Mendez Principles and shares the reasoning behind them, the standards they set, and benefits of rapport-based interviewing.

On Demand 45 min Webinar
vaccinations in the workplace

Vaccinations in the Workplace

Can the termination of employment or refusal to employ based on non-vaccination be unfair or unlawful and if so how does an employer protect against these?  Since September 2021 with the proliferation of public health orders and the lifting of restrictions across jurisdictions, lawyer Kathryn Dent has advised numerous employers on their options and assisted them in developing and implementing strategies and documentation to give effect to the company policy, whatever that may be, that is whether or not to mandate vaccinations.  

On Demand 45 min Webinar
professional development for investigators debrief

What Went Wrong? The Anatomy of a Less than Perfect Investigation

This webinar dissects a Canadian investigation of a 2015 fatal police shooting that, like every other investigation, was less than perfect. The death – and the investigation - was the subject of a 2017 judicial Commission of Inquiry (CoI) that received national attention in Canada. The incident raised professional conduct, health and safety and possible systemic policy and training issues. 

On Demand 45 min webinar
Whistleblower professional development for investigators

Whistleblowing – Lessons Learnt

Whistleblowing plays an important role in uncovering fraud, corruption and employee misconduct. In this session, integrity exert Darren Murphy will cover important aspects of the whistleblower legislation, key roles and their responsibilities and the key things investigators need to know when dealing with whistleblower matters.

On Demand 1hr Webinar
employer duty of care, workplace investigations, professional development for investigators

Do employers owe a duty of care to employees during a workplace investigation?

Aaron Goonrey, partner at Lander and Rodgers, shares insights on key Australia cases regarding the employers' duty of care to employees, particularly during workplace investigations. This webinar provides an in-depth analysis of actual case studies and the issues arising from them.

On Demand 1hr Webinar
trauma and the brain, implications of trauma for interviews, professional development for investigators

Trauma and the brain, implications of trauma for interviews

Alison Granger-Brown explains in practical terms the physiological impact of childhood and intergenerational trauma on the brain and the implications for interviews conducted with people suffering trauma.

On Demand 1hr Webinar
psychological injury, assessment, mental health, professional development for investigators

Understanding assessment in psychological injury claims

Develop a clear understanding of what makes a great psychological assessment, and how claims managers and investigators can assess relevant reports to ensure they meet the requirements of an effective assessment. Presented by Dr Greg Dear, leading Australian authority on conducting psychological assessments for mental injury claims.

On Demand 1hr 20min Webinar

Investigations and mental health

MyKludo founder and CEO Harriet Witchell discusses psychological injury and the mental health impacts that may be experienced by investigators . This session includes a conversation with workplace bullying survivor Johnathan Wilson who developed complex PTSD as a result of bullying.

On Demand 1hr Webinar
vicarious trauma, self care for investigators, professional development for investigators

Vicarious Trauma and self care for investigators

This webinar details three actual case studies involving vicarious trauma and employer liability and discusses the risk and harm of vicarious trauma for investigation professionals. Presented by MyKludo founder and CEO Harriet Witchell, this session also advises preventative strategies for teams and self-care options for individual investigators.

On Demand 1hr Webinar
mindful interviewing, investigative interviewing, rapport based interviewing, professional development for investigators

Getting underneath mindful interviewer behaviour

Aggressive and oppressive interview techniques have been shown by the latest research to be the least effective approach when interviewing respondents/suspects. Dr Andrew Griffiths, investigative interviewing consultant, discusses how creating rapport can impact interview outcomes and outlines current key concepts in best-practice interviewing of suspects.

On Demand 1hr Webinar
interviewing children, investigative interviewing, reportable conduct, child protection, professional development for investigators

Interviewing children concerning allegations of reportable conduct

Eleonora De Michele, veteran child protection practitioner and consultant, addresses the key challenges to interviewing children for reportable conduct matters, discusses best-practice approaches, and outlines the structure of an effective investigative interview.

On Demand 1hr Webinar
investigating sexual assualt, investigative interviewing, the whole story approach, professional development for investigators

The ‘Whole Story’ approach to investigating sexual assault

Presented by Dr Patrick Tidmarsh, developer of the ‘Whole Story' method of investigating sex crimes; a ground-breaking initiative designed to combat victim blaming, teach investigators how to understand the dynamics of sexual crime, and improve the gathering of evidence in sexual offence cases.

On Demand 1hr Webinar
autism, investigative interviewing, professional development for investigators, cognitive interview

Evidence-based strategies for interviewing people with autism

Dr Katie Maras from the University of Bath, UK, presents the leading research on effective strategies for conducting investigative interviews with people with autism and explains why current practices, such as the cognitive interview, are ineffective with this population.

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