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Introduction to the PEACE model of investigative interviewing

1 hour webinar. Former Detective Inspector and expert workplace investigator, Greg Lamey, provides a practical and down to earth explanation of the key elements of the PEACE framework for investigators, new and experienced.

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The Top Ten Things About Memory That Every Investigator Should Know

This webinar covers the common memory misconceptions, the impact of trauma, fragmentation, misinformation effect, repressed and false memories and much more. This one hour summary of forensic memory research is critical knowledge for anyone working with witnesses.

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Evidence Based Strategies for Interviewing Autistic People

1 hour webinar. Dr Katie Maras, from the University of Bath, UK presents the leading research on effective strategies for conducting investigative interviews with people with autism and why existing practices such as the Cognitive Interview do not work with this population.

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The whole story approach to investigating sexual assault

1 hour webinar. Dr Patrick Tidmarsh developed the ‘Whole Story’ method of investigating sex crimes, a ground-breaking initiative designed to combat victim blaming, teach detectives how to understand the dynamics of sexual crime, and improve the gathering of evidence in sexual offence cases.

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Interviewing children concerning allegations of Reportable Conduct

1 hour webinar. Eleonora De Michele, veteran Child Protection practitioner and consultant, will address the key challenges to interviewing children for Reportable Conduct matters, best practice approaches and the structure of an effective investigative interview.

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Getting underneath mindful interviewer behaviour

1 hour webinar. The latest research shows that aggressive and oppressive interview techniques are the least effective when interviewing respondents/suspects. Dr Griffiths discussed the impact of rapport on interview outcomes and best practice interviewing of suspects for 2020.

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Vicarious Trauma and self care for investigators

This 1 hour webinar discussed three important cases involving vicarious trauma and employer liability. The risks involved in investigations and impact of trauma on individuals. The session also includes preventative strategies for teams and self care options for individual investigators.

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Investigations & Mental health

1 hour 20 min webinar. Harriet Witchell presents the prevalence and impact of psychological injury and mental health. The session includes a conversation with workplace bullying survivor Johnathan Wilson who developed complex PTSD as a result of bullying.

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Understanding assessment in psychological injury claims

1 hour webinar. Dr Greg Dear is a leading Australian authority on conducting psychological assessments for mental injury claims. In this session he explains what makes a great assessment and how claims managers and investigators can assess reports to make sure they meet the requirements of an effective assessment.

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Trauma and the brain, implications of trauma for interviews

1 hour webinar. Alison Granger-Brown explains in practical terms the physiological impact of childhood and intergenerational trauma on the brain and its implications for interviews conducted with people suffering trauma.

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Do employers owe a duty of care to employees during a workplace investigation?

1 hour webinar. Aaron Goonrey, partner at lander and Rodgers shares his expertise on Australia leading cases on an employers duty of care for employees, particularly during workplace investigations. it is an in-depth analysis of the cases and issues.

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The material is beyond useful! It is totally relevant with practical application to my role. I have never attended a conference with such relevant material to my role in my whole working life!
Renee Edmonds
Principal Investigator
Excellent presentation and so relevant and right. Shows the need for continual training to not only improve but maintain skills.
Senior government investigator
Thank you, wow, my brain hurts. This is certainly proivding a lot of understanding, "the why" to behaviours and reactions. Some very good best practice outlined eg: giving time to process into memory..
Consultant investigator
Very interesting session. Very relevant to the investigations and interviews we conduct. Interetsed in practical tips with interviewing anxious/stressed interviewees
Independent investigator