The Whole Story Approach To Investigating Sexual Offences

Fantastic content. Totally relevant with practical application to interviewing.
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Fabulous session. Very much focuses on the practicality of needing to utilise what we learn.
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Course overview

The Whole Story Approach To Investigating Sexual Offences

Dr Patrick Tidmarsh developed the ‘Whole Story’ method of investigating sex crimes, a ground-breaking initiative designed to combat victim blaming, teach investigators how to understand the dynamics of sexual crime, and improve the gathering of evidence in sexual offence cases. 

Child sexual abuse impacts on 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 12 boys globally meaning in every classroom 3 girls and 1 boy will have experienced child sexual abuse. Adult figures also show that 20% of women and 5% of men have experienced rape or sexual assault during their lives and yet only 2 in 10 cases reported to police are actually prosecuted. Dr Tidmarsh was employed by the Victorian Police to improve rates of prosecution and conviction for sexual offences and through his extensive work with offenders and then assisting police detectives, developed the Whole Story Approach to gathering evidence which is proven to increase the conviction rates for sexual offending.

Dr Tidmarsh covers the key issues of

  • The dynamics of relationship-based crime
  • Understanding the offender
  • Grooming and relevant evidence
  • Whole story approach
  • Myths and misconceptions
  • Traumatic memory
  • Getting the whole story from complainants
  • Interview planning

Rather than asking victim focused questions such as “why did they boy keep going back to the house?” and “why did she text back kisses the morning after if that’s what really happened the night before” the whole story method re orientates the investigation around the offenders behaviour and asks the question of the offender – “what did he do to make her behave like that”. 

In this course you will learn about the three levels of grooming and how to establish relationship evidence. How to identify unique signifiers for each special relationship and how to gather points of confirmation when you only have to conflicting accounts to compare. Common myths and misconceptions and how they negatively impact on the acceptance of reports of sexual assault and finally Dr Tidmarsh presents valuable strategies on how to interview perpetrators to gather the detailed accounts necessary to determine the true nature of the crimes. 

This course delivered by leading academic and practitioner  Dr Tidmarsh will change the way you view the investigation process for sexual offending. The program includes real case examples, live investigator questions and reference to leading edge research. 


Dr Patrick Tidmarsh, the whole story approach, investigating sexual offences, investigative interviewing, professional development for investigators


Dr Patrick Tidmarsh

Dr Patrick Tidmarsh is a leading authority on sexual offending, and the investigation of sexual crime. He trains and lectures all over the world, helping police and other professionals to understand sexual offending, and improve their response to both victims and offenders. 

He has worked with sex offenders for over thirty years. For twenty of those years he worked in sex offender treatment, in prisons and in the community, with adults and adolescents. He worked in policing for twelve years, training detectives, and developing the specialism of sexual crime investigation.