Whistleblowing - Lessons Learnt

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Course overview

Whistleblowing - Lessons Learnt

The term whistleblowing refers to exposing wrongdoing or illegal activity within an organization. Whistleblowers can be employees, contractors, volunteers, or anyone who has access to information that shows something is not right within a company. They can also be people outside of the organization who see something that makes them suspicious and want to share what they know with those in power to make sure something like it doesn’t happen again.

Whistleblower policies help ensure that employees, contractors, and volunteers are not afraid to speak up about wrongdoing in the company. They can protect whistleblowers from retaliation and provide support for those speaking out in ways that are beneficial for the company. Additionally, whistleblowing policies can help your company gain credibility with regulators and customers. When you’re transparent by having a policy on how you handle information of wrongdoing, it shows that you take your responsibility to care about what happens within the organization seriously.

Whistleblowing plays an important role in uncovering fraud, corruption and employee misconduct. In this session, integrity expert Darren Murphy will cover important aspects of the whistleblower legislation, key roles and their responsibilities and the key things investigators need to know when dealing with whistleblower matters.

This session was originally presented during the MyKludo Virtual Investigations Conference held 6-8 December 2021.


Darren Murphy

Darren Murphy is CEO and Founder of Core Integrity.

Darren is a passionate integrity expert who works with corporate, government and professional sporting organisations to help them protect their reputation, people and bottom lines.

Hi expertise spans his 25-year career in law enforcement as a detective in the Fraud Squad with the NSW Police Force and within the corporate sector. Across his career, Darren has managed hundreds of complex and sensitive whistle-blower investigations, including transforming a traditional whistle-blower hotline into a full-service Speak Up Hotline at one of Australia’s largest financial institutions.