What Went Wrong? Anatomy of a Less-than-Perfect Investigation

Another very good and informative session. I will find this information very useful.
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Thanks for the conference. You have really relevant topics by engaging and interesting presenters.
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Excellent presentation and so relevant and right. Shows the need for continual training to not only improve but maintain skills.
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Course overview

What Went Wrong? Anatomy of a Less-than-Perfect Investigation

This webinar discusses issues that are relevant to anyone involved in any aspect of an investigation, in any investigative field.  

It dissects a Canadian investigation of a fatal police shooting in 2015 that, like every other investigation, was less than perfect. The death – and the investigation – was the subject of a 2017 judicial Commission of Inquiry (CoI) that received national attention in Canada. The incident raised professional conduct, health and safety and possible systemic policy and training issues. 

 We use lots of material sourced directly from the CoI, covering what went wrong and right with the investigation, step by step.

The focus of the presentation is whether the investigation met fundamental investigative principles, including independence, the thoroughness of the evidence gathering, the quality of investigative interviews and objectivity throughout the investigative process.

Key areas

  • Fundamental investigative principles
  • The mindset required to conduct an investigation
  • Investigative interviews
  • The importance of gathering crucial digitally-stored evidence
  • Imbalances in the treatment of involved parties
  • What was done well
  • What happened when the investigators got into the witness box at the CoI
  • Why parts of the investigation did not withstand scrutiny – and the lessons anyone engaged in any kind of investigation can learn.

This session was originally presented during the MyKludo Virtual Investigations Conference held 6-8 December 2021.

Gareth Jones


Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones is a former Director of the Special Ombudsman Response Team at the Office of the Ombudsman of the Department of National Defense and Canadian Forces. 

Previously he was an investigator with the Attorney General of the Province of Ontario, Special Investigations Unit. Prior to that, he was a police sergeant with the Metropolitan Police, London, UK.

Gareth has created and delivered investigative training courses for thousands of participants, including the Department of Justice War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. 

Gareth is the author of several books including How to Investigate: The Fundamentals of Effective Fact-Finding.