Getting underneath mindful interviewer behaviour

Andy Griffiths was a pleasure to listen to. Great presenter, great presentation, less theory and more practicality.
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Getting Underneath Mindful Interviewer Behaviour

Aggressive and oppressive interview techniques have been shown in recent research to be the least effective approach when interviewing respondents or suspects.

This webinar explores how building rapport can impact interview outcomes and offers up-to-date guidance for interviewing suspects.

Dr Andrew Griffiths, investigative interviewing, mindful interviewing, professional development for investigators


Dr Andrew Griffiths

Andy completed thirty years police service as a career detective in a large UK force specialising in interviewing and investigation, progressing to become head of force major crime, then intelligence and organised crime departments, and serving over 10 years on the national advisory body to all police forces in relation to investigative interviewing.  

During his police service he was a pioneer in the development of specialised interview training programs and was awarded a PhD for research on real life suspect and witness interviews. 

Andy has spent time as a Visiting Professor at John Jay College, New York, is an Associate of the College of Policing (UK), Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Portsmouth, and Associate Scholar at New York University (Asia Law Institute). He has numerous publications and media appearances in the field of investigation and investigative interviewing.