Investigations and mental health

The interview format to show how gaslighting works was perfect, as it can only be explained through real examples. Jonathan was able to show the insidious nature of the beast and convey the psychological damage caused by constantly having to strive to be believed. Illustrates the need for investigators who are trained, experienced and courageous. Thanks.
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Course overview

Investigations and mental health


The importance of mental health awareness for investigators and HR Managers

Investigators are not strangers to dealing with mental health issues. Victims of bullying and harassment often experience symptoms of common mental health conditions during the investigation process. Many investigators are engaged to investigate claims of work related psychological harm as part of workers compensation investigations. 

Typical symptoms can be mistaken for avoidance or paranoia. Increasing the awareness in investigators and the HR community of the common forms of mental illness and symptoms is important in gaining understanding and delivering support to employees. 

 This webinar explores the prevalence and impact of psychological injury and mental health on the community, including the increase in service demand during COVID-19. 

Webinar content includes:

  • the mental health continuum
  • the impact of COVID-19 on service demand
  • Common mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse
  • Symptoms of common conditions
  • Costs of work-related mental health (WRMH)
  • Common causes of WRMH
  • Return to work rates and influences
  • Implications for employers & investigators
  • Case study from Johnathan Wilson, former Superintendent of Police

Harriet details the common characteristics of mental health conditions that are regularly found by investigators of bullying, harassment and discrimination and draws connections with the management of return to work and psychological injuries. Delivered as part of the Virtual Symposium on Mental Health and Investigations this webinar serves as a great introduction to the issues, and the relevance to HR managers and investigators. 

The progression and survival of complex PTSD from workplace bullying 

Harriet brings the topic to life with an in-depth conversation with workplace bullying survivor Johnathan Wilson, who served for 30 years in the London Metropolitan Police before becoming an advocate for workplace reform. Johnathan describes his development of complex PTSD as a result of bullying events his workplace.  Johnathons injuries were compounded by poor diagnosis and Johnathon details the cause of moral injury following his initial attempts to report the bullying and subsequent dismissal of his concerns by his employer.  

The discussion of this real case example illustrates the decline into mental ill-health often experienced in prolonged bullying cases and Johnathans ultimate recovery. It is full of very valuable lessons for HR and investigators handling similar cases. 

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Harriet Witchell

Harriet has been involved in investigations for over 30 years, serving as a police office in the UK and Australia before establishing one of Australia’s premium workplace investigation firms in 2001. Harriet was a lecturer in Policing Investigations for a number of years and holds qualifications in a range of subjects including Forensic Psychology and the Social Sciences. Harriet managed a team of over 30 investigators around Australia and investigated thousands of cases involving trauma.

Harriet is founder and CEO of MyKludo.