Introduction to the PEACE model of investigative interviewing

Fabulous session. Very much focuses on the practicality of needing to utilise what we learn. Engaging presenter.
PEACE model, investigative interviewing, professional development for investigators
Private Investigator
Very accessible content, and good use of examples and videos.
vicarious trauma, mental health, investigations, workplace investigations, professional development for investigators
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Course overview

Introduction to the PEACE model of investigative interviewing

The PEACE framework is an internationally accepted model for conducting investigative interviews and has been adopted throughout the world, across both the private and public sector.

The PEACE framework assists interviewers to manage the interview process through creating rapport and is suitable for using with witnesses, suspects, victims and all other interviewees. The model encourages interviewers to be open-minded and seek reliable and accurate information. PEACE can be used in a range of investigative settings including workplace investigations and policing.

This webinar provides an easy to follow presentation explaining the key stages of the PEACE model of interviewing and how it is applied to workplace or civil investigations. The course is suitable for new investigators through to seasoned professionals.


Greg Lamey, PEACE model, investigative interviewing, professional development for investigative interviewers


Greg Lamey

Greg Lamey was a former Detective Inspector with the NSW Police before establishing his own training and investigations business.

Greg is heavily involved in investigations, including workplace matters and workplace training. He has a particular interest in bullying, harassment and code of conduct issues, as well as internal fraud and related matters.

He is a member of the Australian Association of Workplace Investigators, the Australian Human Resources Institute, the Australian Institute of Professional Investigators, the Australian Institute of Training and Development, and the World Association of Detectives.