Evidence-Based Strategies For Interviewing People with autism

The material is beyond useful! It is totally relevant with practical application to my role. I have never attended a conference with such relevant material to my role in my whole working life!
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Renee Edmons
Principal Investigator
Very interesting session. Very relevant to the investigations and interviews we conduct. Interested in practical tips with interviewing anxious/stressed interviewees
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Independent Investigator

Course overview

Evidence-based strategies for interviewing people with autism

This webinar presents the research on why existing investigative interviewing practices such as cognitive interviewing do not work with people with autism.

Understand the challenges and discover evidence-based strategies for gathering accurate, reliable evidence from people with autism.

Dr Katie Maras, Investigative interviewing, people with autism, professional development for investigators


Dr Katie Maras

Dr Katie Maras is Deputy Director of the Centre for Applied Autism Research ( CAAR) Bath University UK.

Katie’s research interests lie in applied cognitive psychology, with two main strands: autism and eyewitness/forensic psychology. Her current work, focuses on how autistic adults think and communicate differently, and what adaptations service providers can make to accommodate these differences. Katie has published numerous papers on a variety of topics concerning autism. This includes assessing credibility of autistic witnesses by jurors and how to improve current police interview strategies to produce better evidence.