Trauma and the brain implications of trauma for interviews

Alison Granger-Brown explains in practical terms the physiological impact of childhood and intergenerational trauma on the brain and its implications for interviews conducted with people suffering trauma. It is a must watch for any investigator who deals with traumatised communities, multigenerational trauma or childhood trauma.


Alison is a great speaker and she knows her stuff. It is refreshing to hear from someone who truly understands both trauma and interviewing and presents her thoughts in a nuanced way. Great presentation. Thank you
Thank you, wow, my brain hurts. This is certainly proivding a lot of understanding, "the why" to behaviours and reactions. Some very good best practice outlined eg: giving time to process into memory.
Consultant Investigator
Very interesting session. Very relevant to the investigations and interviews we conduct. Interetsed in practical tips with interviewing anxious/stressed interviewees.
Independent Investigator