Mental health and investigations including interview with workplace bully survivor, Johnathan Wilson

In this session, Harriet witchell, CEO of MyKludo covers the prevalence and impact of psychological injury and mental health on the community including the increase in service demand during COVID-19. The session includes a 25 minute conversation with workplace bullying survivor Johnathan Wilson who describes the development of his complex PTSD through initial bullying events at work that were compounded by the moral injury when his employer did not listen to his complaints.


Outstanding and very relevant presentation and well put together. Thank you
Great to hear from someone first hand suffering from workplace bullying and its aftermath. Also highlighted need to really support these people, or, for the organisation to do that. Interested to hear more about what investigators can do now. Stats are revealing around MH.
Government investigator
The interview format to show how gaslighting works was perfect, as it can only be explained through real examples. Jonathan was able to show the insidious nature of the beast and convey the psychological damage caused by constantly having to strive to be believed. Illustrates the need for investigators who are trained, experienced and courageous. Thanks.
Senior gouvernement investigator