Getting underneath mindful interviewer behaviour

Dr Andy Griffiths completed thirty years police service as a career detective in a large UK force specialising in interviewing and investigation, progressing to become head of force major crime, then intelligence and organised crime departments, and serving over 10 years on the national advisory body to all police forces in relation to investigative interviewing. He now consults around the world. In this 1 hour session Andy looks at the latest research findings on how to use rapport and ‘mindful’ strategies to conduct best practice interviews with suspects.


Thanks for the conference you have really relevant topics by engaging and interesting presenters.
Industrial relations advisor
Andy Griffiths was a pleasure to listen to. Great presenter, great presentation, less theory and more practicality.
Government investigator
Excellent presentation and so relevant and right. Shows the need for continual training to not only improve but maintain skills.
Senior gouvernement investigator